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Board And Commissions Members

Harlan has many opportunities for volunteers to serve on various Boards & Commissions.  If you would like to express your interest in serving, please contact City Hall and we will route your interest to the appropriate person(s).

The current Boards & Commissions members are listed in the table below:

Name Term Expires
Mike Kolbe 12/31/19
Airport Commission - 6 year term
Name Term Expires
Rick Dotzler 04/01/21
Scott A Pigsley 04/01/22
Scott McLaughlin 04/01/24

Zoning Board of Adjustment - 5 year term

Name Term Expires
Jerry Wigness 07/01/19
Tim Miller 07/01/20
Mike Christensen 07/01/21
Ruthanne Grimsley 07/01/22
Jennifer Kelly 07/01/23

Planning & Zoning Commission - 4 year term

Name Term Expires
John Bolton 07/01/19
Nella Sievert 07/01/19
Brent Scheve 07/01/20
Sheri Tyrrel 07/01/20
Lori Stitz 07/01/22
Mary Johnsoon 07/01/22
Russ Blenkinsop 07/01/22
EX-OFFICIO-Ken Weber- Liaison - Ordinance Committee Chairperson

Parks & Recreation Board - 4 year term

Name Term Expires
Connie Lehan 07/01/19
Mike Wohlhutter 07/01/19
Todd Berndt 07/01/20
Tracy Rowedder 07/01/21
Tricia Spangenberg 07/01/21
HMU Liaison - Jennifer Kelly

Harlan Municipal Utilities Board of Trustees -6 year term

Name Term Expires
Nella Seivert 11/21/18
Mike Jones 11/21/19
Terry Arentsen 11/21/21
Connie Wees 11/21/22
David Tyrrel 11/21/23

Tree Advisory/Environmental Commission - 2 to 4 year terms

Name Term Expires
Mike Anliker 05/16/19
Paul Bruck 05/16/21
Chance Goddard 05/16/21
Dave Miller N/A
Bev Burmeister Plant Iowa Committee Representative
Hotel/Motel Tax Committee - 4 year term
Name Term Expires
Council Rep-Dave Miller 01/08/19
Business Owner-Carol Chadwick (Bauers) 01/08/19
Resident-Sharon Lucke 01/08/19
Board of Sup-Roger Schmitz 01/08/19
Business Owner-Kent Richards 01/08/19
Resident-Vacant 01/08/19
Gene Gettys Jr, City Administrator
Shelby Co Auditor-Mark Maxwell (FISCAL AGENT)
Exec Dir, Shelby Co Chamber - Todd Valline
Library Board - 4 year term
Name Term Expires
Everett Carroll 07/01/19
Dick Jones 07/01/19
Becky Mahoney 07/01/19
Deb Miller 07/01/20
Pam Meurer 07/01/20
Tanya Bruck 07/01/21
Roger Ewert 07/01/22
Joann Miller 07/01/22
Veterans Memorial Auditorium Commission - 3 year term
Name Term Expires
Gene Cavanaugh 04/19/19
Doug D-Arcy 04/19/20
LaVern Holtmyer 04/19/20
Bob Mahoney 04/19/21
Charlie Parkhurst 04/19/21

Ambulance Commission of Shelby County

Name Term Expires
Gene Gettys Jr, City Administrator N/A
Vacant N/A
Mike Kolbe N/A
Barry A Jacobsen N/A
Dr. Scott Markham, County Coroner N/A

Harlan Historic Preservation Commission
(formerly Upper Story/Facade Grant Committee)

Name Term Expires
Gene Gettys Jr, City Administrator N/A
Sharon Lucke, Business Owner N/A
Roger Bissen, Fire Chief N/A
Jay Christensen, Council Liaison N/A
Jerry Henscheid, Resident N/A

Shelby County Emergency Management Executive Committee

Name Term Expires
Neil Gross (Chair) N/A
Frank L. Clark (Vice Chair) N/A
Steve Kenkel, Board of Supervisors N/A
Roger Bissen (SCESA) N/A
Rod Robinson (Shelby) N/A
Lynn Gaskill (Irwin) N/A
Mike Kolbe (Harlan) N/A
Bob Seivert (EMC) Liaison
Gene Gettys Jr, City Administrator Liaison
Mark Maxwell, Sh Co Auditor, Secretary Liaison

Shelby County Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SCCCI)

Name Representing
Steve Kenkel, President Shelby County Board of Supervisors
Josh Grimes, VIce President HyVee
Darializ Ramos, Treasurer Monogram Prepared Meats
Tami Kloewer Secret Serenity
Steve Ineson 4 Seasons Travel
Ellen Walsh-Rosmann Farm Table Delivery
Gervas Mgonja Town & County Credit Union
Mike Wolhutter Jr Molded Products
Todd Valline, Director SCCCI
Gene Gettys Jr, City Administrator City of Harlan Liaison
Ken Weber HMU Liaison

Harlan Housing Committee

Name Term Expires
Gene Gettys Jr, City Administrator City
Mike Kolbe City
Dave Miller City
Ken Weber, CEO HMU
Mike Jones HMU
Todd Valline Shelby Co. DevelopSource
Kevin Campbell Shelby County State Bank
Becky Miller Farmers Trust & Savings Bank
Terry Arentson MidStates Bank N.A.
Ron Buck Resident
Bruce Burger Resident

City Officers - 2 year appointment

Name Term Expires
Terri Daringer, Health Officer 12/31/19
Wava Bails, Treasurer 12/31/19
Todd Argotsinger, Attorney 12/31/19
Frank L. Clark, Police Chief 12/31/19

Cemetary Association (Information Purposes Only)

Don Stowe, President President
Eldon Erickson, Ssecretary Secretary
Mickey Williams, Treasurer Treasurer
Bill Early  
Allen Ickes